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so you have some questions about this boudoir thing...

What should I bring to wear? 

We'll have time for 2 or even 3 outfits during your session! Lots of gals like to use their session as an excuse to go lingerie shopping and bring matching bras & panties, teddies or short nightgowns, etc. This is not a requirement, though! You can bring a tank top and your every day undies. You can bring a big white shirt & a hat... your partner's work shirt... cutoffs, socks & converse... your fav band shirt... nothing at all (yes, nudes are an option for Individual sessions)! What you wear is entirely up to you! Just think about how you want your finished photos  to look and go from there!

Who can I bring with me to the session?

Feel free to bring a friend, sister, or partner for moral support. Just one, though, thanks! If you have a whole posse, maybe you'd all like to book a Boudoir Bash

Is professional hair & makeup required?

Professional HMU is not required but is highly recommended for a polished, finished look to your photos. If you're going to splurge, might as well splurge all the way, right?! 

Is professional hair & makeup included in the session price?

The cost of HMU is not included in the session price. I would love to connect you with my favorite HMU artist, though, so she can meet with you & get you all dolled up at the studio before  your session!

What if I don't know how to pose?

That's MY job! 99% of the time I am photographing "regular people", not trained models. All you have to do is show up. I will guide you through poses & position you in ways that will play up your assets! Expect to spend much of the session holding poses while I walk around and capture images from different angles. You will do a lot of back arching & sitting/standing still in what may feel like overly exaggerated poses; it's often said that if you feel ridiculous while posing, you're doing it right!  

Do I have to be thin, young & model-pretty to do a boudoir session?

No, no, and no! First thing we will do during your session is have a chat about your favorite features you'd like to play up and your least favorite features you want to downplay in your images. I will keep those things in mind during your session! Expect your photos to look like the best version of  the beautiful, sexy YOU you can be!

Do you use photoshop? Can  you make me look younger, thinner, smoother, etc...

No, I do not use Photoshop. I do, however, edit your images to help them look as pretty & finished as possible! I routinely adjust lighting & colors in images, and I may soften dark circles, deep lines etc. I will remove bruises, cuts, blemished or other "temporary" bits from your photos. I can remove scars, birthmarks or other things upon request. Don't expect to look like a different person. Do expect o look like the best version of yourself!

Aren't couples sessions kinda weird?

I get this question a lot! Isn't it kind of awkward to take pictures of a couple together?  It's really NOT though. There's lots of cuddling, nuzzling and some kissing during a couples session, but please understand, there is no actual action, if you get my drift! Just like in an Individual session, I will arrange you, ask you to hold the pose or adjust your position & move around, taking pics from different angles. I can put you in more suggestive/sexually charged poses based on your comfort level & your vision for the session, but any nudity during a couples session will be waist up only!

Can I show you photos that I like for ideas? 

Yes! This is so helpful for me to understand what your vision is! Bring them to the session, text 'em to me in advance, or start a Pinterest board & add me to it! Just keep in mind that the photos I take will not look EXACTLY like the ones you show me; I am an artist with my own style & vision and I will use your suggestions as inspiration for your session, but I have no intension of recreating those exact images.