in my happy place

About Michelle

The larger question, of course, is does anyone actually read about pages? If you landed here and plan on sticking around for a minute, here’s what you might want to know:

Born in Seattle. Raised in California & Tacoma. Graduated from Wilson High School, the University of Puget Sound & City University. Taught high school English for 22 years at Lincoln in Tacoma. Resigned in 2013 & have been running this photography biz since then! I am also a stylist for cabi, and a yoga teacher at Hot26 Yoga in Puyallup. I have three kids, two steps, three spoiled indoor cats, a Great Pyrenees & any number of chickens (around 20). We live in Graham. My husband is a nurse but looks like a biker.

I drink chai tea instead of coffee. I’m a crunchy salty, not a sweet. I eat gluten. I avoid sugar. I'm a hot yog addict so we can go find the cool locations off the beaten path without me losing my breath! I can knit a sweater (in fact, I knit the one in the picture there).

I shoot Nikon, but I’m a minimalist. On a session I bring my camera and three lenses &  maybe a reflector, if I remember. My favorite locations are downtown Tacoma, a field when the sun is low & abandoned buildings. Also loving the Buckly studio I have access to for indoor sessions like boudoir; the gods I LOVE boudoir!

My belief is that everyone is beautiful in the right light with the right lens. Can’t wait to work with you!