in my happy place

About Michelle

The larger question, of course, is does anyone actually read about pages? If you landed here and plan on sticking around for minute, here’s what you might want to know:

Born in Seattle. Raised in California & Tacoma. Graduated from Wilson High School, the University of Puget Sound & City University. Taught high school English for 22 years at Lincoln in Tacoma. Resigned in 2013 & have been running this photography biz since then! I am also a stylist for cabi, in case you love clothes as much as I do. I have three kids, two steps, four cats & any number of chickens (around 20?). We live in Graham. My husband is a nurse but looks like a biker.

I love coffee until the afternoon, tea until evening, and red wine or beer after that. I’m a crunchy salty, not a sweet. I eat gluten. I avoid sugar. I run so we can go find the cool locations off the beaten path! I can knit a sweater (in fact, I knit the one in the picture there).

I shoot Nikon, but I’m a minimalist. On a session I bring my camera and three lenses &  maybe a reflector, if I remember. My favorite locations are downtown Tacoma, industrial areas & abandoned buildings. 

My belief is that everyone is beautiful in the right light with the right lens. Can’t wait to work with you!